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Evgeniy was born in a family of an architect gaining an initial artistic education in his very intelligent family. His professional skills he got in Surikov's Artistic Institute where he had luck to come to know an outstanding Russian artist and teacher M.Cheremnykh. There he studied, communicated and just was very close with such famous experts in drawing and painting as Y.Reiner, H.Ponomarev, O.Savostyuk, B.Uspenskiy and others.

During 1970-s Evgeniy got some deserved honors and authority in the field of design. Having worked at different publishing houses in the field of advertising after his graduation from the Institute he became a project artist at the Chamber of Trade and Commerce. Decorative design of different international exhibitions and fairs held abroad gave him a very rare and vast opportunity to come to know other foreign countries and personally get acquainted with masterpieces of world culture and art

All these trips abroad, meetings with new people, cities and towns, his work with different artistic materials gave Evgeniy Khvostyuk as an expert in easel painting and drawing a very broad cultural horizon, an ability to synthesize different forms, genres and styles in his own works, to masterly manipulate all the necessary materials and techniques and a priceless gift to think at the highest level of universal images and artistic symbols.

For the last twenty years Evgeniy has been totally absorbed by easel painting and drawing. During this period he got an Honored Artist of Russia degree, organized and held several personal exhibitions in Berlin, Brussels, in Central House of Artist and Publishing News Agency in Moscow. His works are in private collections in USA, France, Germany, Indonesia, Peru etc:

Generalized, galactic and philosophical vision of a chamber, private, artistic object gives Khvostyuk's works a very peculiar stylistic charm, uniqueness and freshness of the eternal art theme's perusal (especially series "Yablocnny spas" "Apple:" is very typical). Necessary extent of taste, harmony of artistic intention and form, special beauty and uniqueness of plastic decisions ensure in master's creation such personal components as huge artistic gift and great work experience in different types and genres of art (poster, exhibition design, artistic projects, painting and drawing).

On the whole in his works the artist skillfully synthesizes traditional canons and modern forms, some observations from real life and free element of imagination, very precise knowledge and rich instinct of color. He is a born master of analysis and synthesis.

To understand why his art grows and bears fruits so freely, creatively and plastically it is enough to mention that his permanent idol is A.S.Pushkin and this Russian genius' poetry is the inexhaustible source of Evgeniy's inspiration.

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