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I reckon myself among adherents of "slight touch to the reality"

"Russia has the only future- the future outlined by the ART"

"A conversation between an artist and his audience is extremely private, without any mediators where everyone is equal. And this equality is the equality of different consciousnesses. So it is much better when a spectator can hit upon the main IDEA himself. In this case a person can keep this IDEA in a form of memories or a meeting with something beautiful, vague or clear through all his life. And sooner or later this IDEA will define the essence of a person's behavior in his life firmness. This IDEA is a tremendous accelerator of our consciousness, way of thinking and attitude!"

"A picture is a form of an independent person's dignity, and the modern art is a form of private entrepreneurship which encourages in people their own sensation of individuality and uniqueness transforming an ordinary human being into a personality and dooming him to SOLITUDE!"

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